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Seesnake Micro good or just OK?

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    Re: Seesnake Micro good or just OK?

    We have sold hundreds of these and haven't had many complaints yet. One or two but for the most part it has been really well received and most people are coming back to order several more.
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      Re: Seesnake Micro good or just OK?

      I remember when this was first announced that there was talk about the possibility of adding a video out jack which would be a big plus. I like the idea of being able to save to an SD card better though. If you could take short (up to 30 second) videos or stills and save them to the SD Card that would be the best setup I think.

      I have some departments at work thinking about buying some for weld and other inspections in tight spots, for FME and cleanliness inspections they would be great too, but the first thing they ask is: "can you save pics or video?" and unfortunately I have to say no. Their interest then is reduced to next to nothing. For FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) or FOSAR (Foreign Object Search and Retrieval) there would need to be the capability of a photo record of the as left condition. Many of the systems (and components thereof) we work on must be kept super clean inside and all open ends must be covered when access is not required, even for a few minutes. The chance that even a small piece of foreign material could get into the system is guarded against at all costs.
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