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Sea Snake Problem forthcoming?

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  • Sea Snake Problem forthcoming?

    I am very gentle with my snake, and I mostly do residential mains. Now yesterday a guy had me camera a very bad collapsed line and I tried to force it a little more than usual, everything went fine and I got paid and left the job. Now later that night I had another call and when I was camering the line I noticed on my monitor that there is a horizontal faded line right in line with the distance meter. I'm wondering if I damaged the cam head in some way? I hope not, but I know it wasn't there before. Any ideas?

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    Re: Sea Snake Problem forthcoming?

    my suggestion is to plug the camera directly into the monitor without the transmitter and see if it's still there. you can then try adding the transmitter and finally the reel. see if you can eliminate the line with these few steps to narrow down the bad spot.

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      Re: Sea Snake Problem forthcoming?

      This is just based off things I have learned here on the forum and at sales shows. I thought I broke one of our cameras and I just had the transmitter turned on (always causes some distortion in the picture)

      You do have the transmitter turned off right? It can cause some weird fade lines on your monitor when the tramsitter is turned on (transmitting for location). As soon as you turn the transmitter off it should go back to normal.

      If that isnt the issue then I would go with Ricks suggestion. If anything were to break down under stress I would think its the transmitter behind the camera head. The camera heads are solid as rock.