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sr-20 keypad problems

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  • sr-20 keypad problems

    I am working via e-mail with Ridgid on this but can't help but being very dissapointed . The locator will not shut-off anymore . It"s only bein used 20 times . I paid top dollar NOT to have problems . I know crap happens but this sucks . I guess it wouldn"t be so bad if my fricken' NEW K-1500a didn"t fail on the same customer on the same day.I was 7' down in a nasty manhole and as soon as I got a load on the cable the clutch started slipping .I spent 1 hour on the phone with 2 ridgid TECHS ? THey had me tightening this and loosening that and I got it to the point where I finally broke through the stoppage which was actually a busted sch. 40 1/8th bend. When the clutch is released there is a problem with the gears I think as the mach. does a terrible rumbling until I shake the lever a few times . I like sewer work but the bulk of my calls are for plumbing ,so this machine has less than 3 hours on it. Combined I paid about $7,000.00 for these items and BOTH have FAILED after minimal use. Never had a problem with my spatan in 20 years . Never had a problem weith a General locator , but I wanted the best and bought Ridgid . I really hope I can get these items resolved quickly as I don't have back-up machines.