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Mini color pushrod repair

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  • Mini color pushrod repair

    I have only mini's; This is strictly regarding the mini. I keep a spare pushrod for mine as occaisionally I get a broken wire internally in the pushrod, usually very near the camera end right at the cone for the spring. I put the spare on and send the broken out to be repaired. Last time I did this, the cost of repair had gone up a bunch, and is now a significant portion of the cost of a new pushrod (and mine have some age on them, and repairing them shortens them a little).

    Anyway I now have to repair or replace another (a newbie pushed it thru a line deep in a pit where it tangled, then pulled hard enough to break the stiff wire inside before giving up and calling me... makes me wonder what goes on I don't hear about). I'm wondering if anyone knows if the tools and how-to are available to do this in house. Has anyone undertaken this type of repair themselves? Cost me $400 to fix a problem like this last time, and this will take 25' out of this cable so I will probably just replace it. But I would buy the tools if they are available depending on price as I just can't stand the wait and price of sending it out, plus I just prefer to do my own work as I can then trust it.
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    Re: Mini color pushrod repair

    I will be interested to see what others say, (to find out what interesting solutions are out there), but unfortunately, there is not much you can do without a substantial investment.

    The push cables need to be dry on the inside. Depending on the age of the push cable, this can be challenging. Retermination is also very tricky. You need to make sure that you have a solid attachment otherwise you will develop a short or have water intrusion.

    There is a major investment by our service centers to learn how to do this work. Not something that someone would want to invest in for a camera here and there.
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