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    I know some of you have posted pictures of how you have rigged up our cameras to be able to record to digital. (camcorder, dvr, etc) Wanted to ask how you did it and if you had pics. Do any of you convert to digital media (computer files) and if so how?

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    Re: Recording Set ups

    Are talking about this?


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      Re: Recording Set ups

      Yeah All Clear. That counts. So that one takes a snap shot of whatever is being fed through? Reason I posted this is I am trying to get a sense for what guys are doing when trying to get video and images to their computers. I remember seeing a few setups where guys used camcorders or dvrs to record. This one is an interesting one. Havent seen it before yet.



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        Re: Recording Set ups

        It's been almost a year and several failed programs that have claimed to be vista compatible but I have finely found one (just used it yesterday for first time) called 'easy media creator 10 deluxe suite' made by roxio.
        I put tape in VCR and transfer it to the computer via supplied transfer device. Once in cpu I can edit,make movie, take a still photo or, burn to dvd.
        The program is not very user friendly but this is the first one I have found to be truly vista compatible.
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          Re: Recording Set ups

          I am looking at one similar to what All Clear posted from SanDisk. Here's the link to their web page about it.

          SanDisk Product data sheet

          Characterized by its ease-of-use, the SanDisk V-Mate is a video memory card recorder that captures video content from an analog source directly onto a flash memory card. You can then playback recorded video content by simply inserting your flash memory card into a compatible mobile device.*
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            Re: Recording Set ups

            This topic drives me crazy but I have not given up yet.

            I now use a Sony VRD-MC3 to convert my VHS tapes from my ToolCase monitor to DVD but I would rather be able to record to MPEG4 while I am using my sewer camera.

            I purchased a Panasonic camcorder which records MPEG4 to SD or SDHC cards only to find out it does not have a way to record external video feed.

            I am now looking at one of these options:

            1. Sony DCR-HC96 which includes an AV in and a LANC connection so it should work well with the ToolCase monitor.

            2. Archos 605 and DVR travel adapter.

            3. Neursos OSD Media Center.

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