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KD-4550 Pointer XL Line Locator

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  • KD-4550 Pointer XL Line Locator

    I found one of these in the back of the tool room. Put some fresh batteries in it and it works

    Has anyone used this one or one like it? The word I got was it wasn't good at finding the emitter buried 3 feet deep inside a cast iron pipe. Is there a trick to using it effectively?

    Thought I might try it out next time I have the camera on my truck to see how it does.

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    Re: KD-4550 Pointer XL Line Locator

    crack, did you think that i didn't one one

    it was a great machine for a number of years. i still like it, but i like the advanced features of the scout now.

    nothing wrong with it and it will locate very accuratly well beyond 3'.

    i still keep mine in the truck just in case

    take it home and play with it. push the camera into a piece of abs / pvc and no hub. walk a nuber of feet away from the pipe and also a number of feet above the pipe to get a real feeling for what it can do.

    pretty soon you'll be doing "seweroscopies" like us

    greg and ben can test you at your supper party

    phoebe it is