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  • Compact See Snake

    i would like you opinions and comments on the Compact See Snake.


    In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!

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    Re: Compact See Snake

    I love the compact seesnake. Can take it into those tight places, the push rod is awesome, never had a problem pushing out the entire 100ft. Locator works fine. I love the unit.
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      Re: Compact See Snake

      steve, the advantage of the compact over the mini is the compact can be self contained with the use of a battery.

      the disadvantage is greater.

      100' max instead of 200' on the mini. no built in recorder. thinner, more flexible push rod. this will limit you on how far you can push especially in larger lines.

      might be great for a quick peak, but for real inspections with proper documentation and better performance, i would go with the mini.

      i take it you already have a standard size seesnake? between the standard and mini, you can do 99% of the inspections you will encounter.

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        Re: Compact See Snake

        Drain Medic, thanks. so far that's what i'm hearing/reading. i'll probably PM you with specific questions, if you don't mind.

        Rick, no i don't have a camera and have decided that i need one.

        the mini was never in the equation. sure i'd like a full blown full sized full featured SeeSnake but as i am a fairly new business (20 months) $$ is important.

        here is some of my thinking and criteria
        * the VAST majority of my cleaning pushes are under 75 feet.
        * i very seldom go into pipe larger than 4"
        * a 1 1/4" minimum would be nice, but i think i can live with 1 1/2" minimum
        * color in IMPERATIVE
        * if necessary i can "record" onto a remote machine
        * an initial investment of aprox $6,000 IS BETTER than $12,000+

        other than a shorter push, not as stiff a push cable, and onboard recording capabilities what other disadvantages are there?

        In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!