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ridgid vs prototek

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  • ridgid vs prototek

    Having a reputation in the local locating business in the buffalo area; I had a sanitary line i couldn't find last summer. a week later it happened again. finally realized that the ft-8 will no longer go the depth it used to do while using a rd receiver. (tested with 3 receivers; one had just been calibrated). factory says they haven't changed a thing, so i got suckered into buying a fv-10. that maxed out at ten feet, not 15'. I think they may be detuning them. They over tapped it for my 3/8x24 thread;and by the third job the threads pulled out, by-by transmitter. (would of dug it up, but the customer couldn't swing it).
    I use to sell the ardy when they 1st came out; but I can't even get a return call from the owner. So on the advice of Jerry Leh and Tom in tech dept, I purchased less expensive ridgid transmitter. 15' in open air, I can't wait to get it down the line.
    Now I'm my old self again, thank you for a superior product,
    sincerely, S CRAFT

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    Re: ridgid vs prototek

    i have 2 prototek receivers and a bunch of transmitters. none of them get used anymore.

    although i did like their spring loaded transmitter carrier. i havn't used them in years and i like using the seesnake for most locating.

    phoebe it is