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How I can choose frequency in RIDGID SR-60 SeekTech

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  • How I can choose frequency in RIDGID SR-60 SeekTech

    From this page about locator SR-60
    I read next
    Can trace any frequency from 10 Hz to 490,000 Hz.
    Answer me please.
    How I can choose frequency of trace? With what discrete (1 Hz, 10 Hz or other)? Where it is possible to see a complete list of technical descriptions of this device?

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    Re: How I can choose frequency in RIDGID SR-60 SeekTech

    We just started shipping this product and so the manual is not posted on the web yet. We will correct this problem in the next week. All of the technical specifications will be found in the manual.

    You can also always ask our local salesman to bring a copy of the manual if you were to set up a demonstration. These demonstrations do not cost anything and would allow you to use the product.

    As for setting any frequency, this can be done in the field, under the menu by selecting the proper function. Simply dial in any frequency in 1 Hz increments. You can store up to 30 user defined frequencies from 10 Hz to 490,000 Hz in North America.

    EU regulations limit the maximum frequency of transmitters in Europe to I believe 95,000 Hz. Receivers shipped into the EU would top out at 95kHz.

    Send me a private email with your contact information or register on-line and I will have a salesman give you a call.
    Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann


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      Re: How I can choose frequency in RIDGID SR-60 SeekTech

      Thank you very much for the quick answer.
      My local diller RIDGID is known. It BELKRAFTING Ltd Minsk Belarus Eastern Europe
      But at it it is not in presence none locators. That more RIDGID SR-60 SeekTech.


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        demo for sr-60

        hi mark,
        we've been trying to set-up a demo on the sr-60 for the past 2 weeks now and we've been hitting a brick wall. the city of rancho cucamonga was hoping to see that demo on thurs 3/20. we've been trying to contact max villagran and he doesn't call back. maybe you could help us out on this. thanks.