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  • Brand X Camera Question

    This is my first post here I hope you guys can help.I am in the process of buying assetts of former competion he owned a spartan 1.0 camera and locator set up. I have no idea if this rig is worth a darn as I have only used ridgid in past. Any comments good or bad will help me place a value on this.Thanks and keep up the good posts the information shared here is great. ( I KNOW THE RIDGID SEE SNAKE IS THE KING OF THE HILL)

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    Re: Brand X Camera Question

    I have a lot of experiance running Spartan's cameras. They are decent. As far as the value of the unit, i would say that it would draw a good buck on ebay depending on the bells and whistles. Its rare to see a Spartan Camera on there.

    I do know that my Spartan 2.0 is awesome. The DVR technology is great and it is in a compact 1 piece unit with 100ft. fo cable. It totes like luggage and only weighs about 45 lbs. A good name brand camera will hold its value pretty well.

    I am buying my first SeeSnake at the cleaner show at the end of the month. I can't wait!