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  • At wits end

    I am having problems with my lights on my times there perfect other times mainly when i push ,they dim nearly completely and am unable to get inspection done.Head has been changed also getting lines through monitor bit like when u turn sonde on but much worse.Sometimes coming up nocamera and blue screen on monitor.
    when i bypass sonde problem solved. But obviously neeed to locate could this be in the pushrod as i have done both end termanations but still occuring.

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    Re: At wits end

    there is a break in the sonde wires. a pretty typical issue. also the stainless safety wires that attach the camera to the cable can get tangled in the wires and cut into the insulation, cutting the wires.

    get a new sonde and you're good to go.

    what seesnake is it for?

    phoebe it is