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tracing pvc conduit lines

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  • tracing pvc conduit lines

    I own navi-track-1 and the navi-track line transmitter 10 watt 3 years old? I need to locate a pvc electrical conduit (buried) the line runs through a ball field on one side the pull box is above grade metal conduit and then goes under ground switches to pvc. The line runs about 250' or so and comes up on the other side. So what is the most accurate method to locate? should I trace with the line live using inductive clamp? or shut off power open boxes and clip alligator clip to one of the wires and then run a jumper wire from the other end to the other alligator clip that is grounded or clipped to jumper wire to make a circuit? what is the best freq. to use? any tricks or tips?? with sewer camera I'm dead on but dont trace much! how accurate is any of the methods with depth and distance

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    Re: tracing pvc conduit lines

    Your inductive signal clamp should work. Use 8k or 33k as your frequency.

    With NaviTrack, the key to accuracy is your signal strength. The trace line should only be used as a guide. If the signal strength is at a maximum at the same time the trace line crosses the cross hairs on the NaviTrack's screen, then you have a fairly undistorted signal and the line should be under where the signal strength maximizes.

    If the trace line crosses the cross hair in a spot greater than 1 foot away from where the signal strength maximizes than you have a fairly distorted field and you will need to change what you are doing by either direct connecting and using lower frequencies, or using the transmitter to induce onto the line.

    I suspect that because you are tracing across a field that the line should remain relatively undistorted. The inductive signal clamp should work well for you.
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      Re: tracing pvc conduit lines

      when I do buried electrical lines I pull the electrical meater and hook to the line it`s self. It`s always dead on that way.