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Anyone else got a SR-60???

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  • Anyone else got a SR-60???

    I was wondering who else has a SR-60 and what are the best features about it? Do you find it easy to operate when locating things other than a basic sonde in the sewer?

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    Re: Anyone else got a SR-60???

    jr, i have one because i couldn't pass up the deal.

    the cd's and manual are still waiting to be read/ played.

    when you have it all figured out, please post a tips and tricks section.

    so far the scout has been real good for me.

    sure beats the old days of triangulation

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Anyone else got a SR-60???

      I had one for about a month. I loved the bells and whistles, but it wasnt for me. To much to figure out. I used Radiodetection for yrs. I guess i got so comfortable with that, i just didnt want to use anything else. So i sold it and got a Radiodetection.
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        Re: Anyone else got a SR-60???

        As the product manager, I can give some insight into what others said about the unit while we were in developement:

        The main feature of the SR-60 is that it gives all of the traceable frequencies. This will allow it to be used with any transmitter. This also allows for a graphical display at ultra-high frequencies. Receivers that locate in the 480kHz range use just audio signals to guide you over the line. The SR-60 will actually give you arrows and a guidance line in addition to an audio signal to help you locate. ultra-high frequencies are excellent for tracing broken trace wire, frayed trace tape and for conducting sweeps of the area to avoid unknown lines.

        The SR-20 and the SR-60 provide the user with more information and more intuitive information about tracing lines. If all you want to locate is the sonde behind the camera head, save your money and purchase a Scout receiver. If you are tracing lines, there is nothing more intuitive than the SR-20 or SR-60. It has a trace line that tracks the line in the ground. It has guidance arrows to help you understand the quality of the trace. If the line and the arrows agree, you know that you have a relatively undistorted field and that you are over the line. when they do not agree, you know in real time that you have distortion and that the signal is being pushed or pulled off of the line.

        The SR-20 and the SR-60 also have some excellent passive avoidance features. In Omn-Seek Mode, you can search all of the broad band passive modes at once. This allows you to see multiple lines in the ground. It will automatically highlight the one that is closest to the receiver. This is an excellent tool to use as a last sweep before excavation to help avoid unkown lines that may not be marked or as a verification tool of marked lines.

        In sonde mode, simply maximize the signal strength and you are done. A mapping display is used to verify the locate by giving you two poles, one in front of the sonde and one behind and an equator that will be over the sond when you are between the poles and the sonde is perfectly horizontal.

        Hope this helps...
        Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann


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          Re: Anyone else got a SR-60???

          How Much Is It Sr60? And How Can I Buy In Losangeles


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            Re: Anyone else got a SR-60???

            The Sr-60 list price is around $3,100 our cat #21663. If you look at teh topp of the page at "Where to Buy" click on that and then put your zip code in it will tell you the distributors in your area where you can order it from.
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              Re: Anyone else got a SR-60???

              For some reason the SR-60 have been hard to come by recently. I think they may be on back order. We predominately sell Scouts, SR-20 & SR-60. The SR-60 can trace multiple lines which is extremely helpful when lines are running together which you didn’t know about then split off and you would otherwise be following the wrong line. As everyone else already said save the money if you just need to locate your camera and get a Scout.
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