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NaviTrack vs. SR-20

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  • NaviTrack vs. SR-20

    The NaviTrack and SR-20 are very similar in look, feel and price. It seems on paper the SR-20 would have the advantage as the features are a little better. The NaviTrack does seem a little more strait forward for plumbing specific work (i.e. locating camera heads). While the SR-20 is clearly built for "utility work" it can do a great job at finding sondes and seesnakes.

    Is there anyone that has really used both in the field and can provide some additional insight as to why the NaviTrack would work better than the SR-20?
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    Re: NaviTrack vs. SR-20

    For about the same cost the SR-20 will do much more and will be the plumbing locator of the future. Look for the Navitrack to be phased out in the next two years.