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Problem locating natural gas with induction

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  • Problem locating natural gas with induction

    I have an old ditch witch 75R and 75T. I do not think something is working right. I am ready to buy the sr 20 or sr 60 if it can solve my problem.

    I tried to induce 1,8,29khz on the tracer wire at all power levels but could not get a clear read on the line to trace it. I had to move an aluminum shed that was picking up the singal an still it was illuding me. The line seemed to head in one direction then take about 120 degree turn to the neighbors yard. But I kep losing the signal. I did notice the foundation was picking up the singnal (rebar?).

    What do you guys recommend?

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    Re: Problem locating natural gas with induction

    Hello, well first off you need to eliminate the inductive process. There should always be a point of direct connect with a gas line. My advice if you were using a Ridgid locator would be to start with a very low freq, say 128hrz and a small amount of wattage on the line, this will hopefully give you a more isolated signal and not jump onto other metallic lines.

    Remember, when you induce with a high freq you light up everything in the ground around your pipe. If you can connect to the gas line directly at the meter start there.

    Good luck!!


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      Re: Problem locating natural gas with induction

      Thanks. I was hooking up with direct connect to a tracer wire at 8khz and 29khz. I traced a u-turn about ten feet from the line. I could not find the signal outside 20 feet.