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Seesake comes thru again!

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  • Seesake comes thru again!

    My Seesnake plus comes thru again! Had a pretty new (10 year old) Condo complex complain of water coming thru their underground parking wall, flooding out the electric room and causing major mold damage. Water was coming through the cement wall following a iron sprinkler supply line. Problem of getting to the spot on the outside of the building was it was completely covered with a 4" slab and then about 7 feet down. They didn't want to pay to fix the concrete. This job was about a year ago so I went back with my camera put it down all the storm water lines and found the pvc pipe was seperated near a small patch of dirt between the slabs. Dug it up fixed the pipe and they got off way cheaper then I would have charged before I got the Seesnake. They and I got lucky on where the problem was but the camera proved it prior to any major work being done. I Love this tool!
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