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See snake plus & dvd recorder

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  • See snake plus & dvd recorder

    hi was wondering can you buy the see snake plus with a 100 ft of push rod?my average lines run out less then 50 ft.would also like to know what is the unit between the lcd monitor and the dvd recorder like some type of input for the movement or adjustments for the camera.i know you could probably buy a 10 inch monitor & a dvd recorder with a pelican case probably for around $500 does anyone do this?thank you .

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    Re: See snake plus & dvd recorder

    Currently RIDGID offers 100' reel's/camera's in the "Compact" and "FlatPack" models but not the Standard or Mini reel's. The 100' versions are designed for inspecting 1 1/2"-4" (color, 1 1/4 B/W) pipe diameters. See attachment.

    The "unit" between the monitor and DVD is the power pack. It is the main power source as well as the control panel for the menu functions, recording, playback, volume, brightness etc. At this time the camera systems are not able to be manipulated side to side or up and down similar to the way a boroscope can be manipulated.

    I'll have to leave your last question for some of the guys out in the field.
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      Re: See snake plus & dvd recorder

      thank you tech man.i have a rigid rep coming to give me a demo on the see snake plus system probably black & white unit hope the b& w is a good camera.the cost of the reel is $5000.i would like to hook up my own monitor and dvd any suggestions what to buy?


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        Re: See snake plus & dvd recorder

        in the early days of cameras/ seesnakes. they sold the unit with a power pack. this allowed us to connect to any monitor/vcr.
        i don't believe it's still available.

        i have 2 power packs and can use just the bare bones camera if needed to an external recorder or monitor.

        if you can get a power pack, you can do what you want. if not you will need to buy the monitor set up to power the camera.

        some of us have the color video briefcase with lcd/vcr. even this they have discontinued due to slow sales.

        maybe they will redesign it with the dvd and spark sales

        phoebe it is


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          Re: See snake plus & dvd recorder

          thanks you know the price of the power pack?what type of connector is on the unit of the camera some type of 3 pin twist lock it it s video?thanks for the help. gary.