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see snake locating issue

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  • see snake locating issue

    hello! all I have a customer that has a sewer line that I need to locate the line is fairly deep starts at 5' and due to the grade of the property it gets deeper! thats no big deal Ive located a line at about 12' deep with not much issue! but this job has a weird issue....there is a electrical vault about 12' away from the clean out that the camera is being fed down to locate further up the line. the sewer is cast iron and the electrical vault must be interfering with the camera transmitter head? does anybody have any advise on minimizing the interference or ways to help in locating in this situation. I've stuck the camera down a couple times and get real sketchy results! my equipment is a mini seesnake and a navitrak-1 I also have a line transmitter set-up 10 watt unit, but I under stand cast iron is a lousy transmitter and hard to trace, but it seems interference is not a problem though!??

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    Re: see snake locating issue

    paul, usually the interference i get is due to computer monitors when i'm inside a building.

    i would think that if you're far enough away with your transmitter and receiver, you shouldn't have the interference.

    please check the batteries in the navitrak and also the frequency is set to 512hz. sonde.

    try locating in 5-10' intervals. don't expect more than 10' depth in cast lines.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: see snake locating issue

      whenever there is undeground electrical, it does throw the signals around.

      I have witnessed this multiple times, once it was costly, 19 electrical conduits underground. (the customer refused x ray of concrete)

      pay attention to the signals you get, I was doing a location the other day, approx 20' away was an underground vault, where there is a vault, there is underground electrical that will throw your signal.

      Use this as a warning and have the ground located for electrical.

      Whenever I run into this, I run my snake in the c/o 2-3 feet at a time, and locate this way, much more time consuming, but I get accuracy I feel comfortable with.