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certification in sewer line inspection

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  • certification in sewer line inspection

    is there any certification for that?

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    Re: certification in sewer line inspection

    no there is not.

    but there is a local co that advertises that and their videos i've seen are worthless junk. no real info, location or footage. it's like watching a silent movie.

    steve has had me redo the videos from customers that have had their lines done by this co.

    anybody can push a camera into a line.

    but it takes years of real plumbing experience to know what your looking at. if they don't know how to install it, how do they even know right from wrong

    phoebe it is


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      Re: certification in sewer line inspection

      I guess it depends on what you mean by certificate. There are likely some "Home Inspection" franchises that offer a certificate as a promotion gimmick for their guys. There are also some Cities where you can be "certified" to inspect laterals for inspection programs. However, I do not know of a State sanctioned "Certificate Program".

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        Re: certification in sewer line inspection

        Thanks guys,

        I saw it on this website so I thought it is something like ceritfication for RINNAI, BACKFLOW ETC..


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          Re: certification in sewer line inspection

          theres a certification called PACP (Pipeline assessment certification program) and another but I don't recall the name. They are to standardize the way inspections are reported so engineers have a better understanding of whats being reported. These programs are used for inspections of city mains but I don't know why they couldn't be used in residential other then the high cost of the programs/software (probably much more then the cost of a push camera)
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