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The $20 lateral launch system

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  • The $20 lateral launch system

    Located a 4" service for a builder today. Main had been saddled and the service run to to the lot, capped, buried and lost. They had scratched around for a while and given up. Only access from the 8" main, via the saddle, about 15' upstream of the manhole. Cut 1 1/2" pvc into sections I could lay in the invert, put a 90 on the end, strung them all on the camera pushrod, then assembled it with no hubs piece by piece as I shoved it up the main. Got the camera pointed at the saddle, and away we go, 100' to the cap in the lot. Locate, one scoop with hoe on edge of area they had been trying to find it, and we hit gravel. Scratch with shovel a minute and there it is. It was soooo slick.
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    Re: The $20 lateral launch system

    great idea.

    we would never be caught dead going into a manhole to pull that stunt.

    even popping a manhole cover is a

    phoebe it is


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      Re: The $20 lateral launch system

      Good job.Were you concerened.It almost sounds like someone had a lot riding on this one.


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        Re: The $20 lateral launch system

        Thanks Ace. I don't know how I missed this post the first time around but I have a job in the morning where this might do just the trick.
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