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  • Ridgid Scout

    Hello, Our company just purchased the scout and remote transmitter for line locating,we have adapters for 5/8" +1.25" cable,my question is how much of a beating can the transmitter take riding through DWV via the K-50 or K-1500? Thanx for any feedback

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    Re: Ridgid Scout

    mine is 2 years ols and has taken a massive beating and has NEVER failed me. it looks like crap but like a Timex it keeps on ticking

    with the new camera (with built in sonde) i'm not sure how much the old sonde wiill see action but it's still there ready to go

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      Re: Ridgid Scout

      i too have stayed away from my remote transmitters since i use my camera for 99% of my locates.

      when i did use my transmitters, i found that the ones that were inside of a spring carrier were protected the best. the tape on ones took a beating and the front mounted units were not out yet.

      honestly, a camera and transmitter is a much better combination as it will show you the line and give you 1000 times more info than just a locator.

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        Re: Ridgid Scout

        Thanx for the quick replies,as our company becomes more hi-tech, a camera is definitely in the future plans.