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Camera clay tiles?

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  • Camera clay tiles?

    I have a client who thinks he has a collapsed 5" clay tile line in his basement leading to the sump crock. Personally, I think it is seepage, due to the mass amounts of rain in the recent weeks, and the lines drain well into the crock.
    As I do not own a camera, I called a couple places, and one guy said clay tiles are extremely difficult, and I would be wasting money. The other guy gave a price of about $300+ for two hours.
    In the past I have used a camera in clay sewer lines, and they are a pain, but they are straight runs. This line obviously has several bends, and I have been told they would probably be tees. Anyone have experience with clay tile sump lines? Thanks.

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    Re: Camera clay tiles?

    i do clay sewer lines all the time. both 4'' and 6''.

    they show the joints very good on camera.

    if this is the same material as what i run into, you'll have no problem with it. as long as the 90's and tees are the same sweeps as we use.

    typically the pipe is intact. the joints are usually the fault. they do offset and allow roots in.

    remember that this system you have has never been maintained. it's not a sewer system that you know when it's plugged. you might find that the camera will not go too far if the line is full of roots, sand?

    $300 for 2 hours is fine as long as there is a tape and a locater used to map the pipe and depth.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Camera clay tiles?

      I Agree with Rick, clay is the easiest stuff to video inspect. Smooth, can see holes alot easier, cracks alot easier. $300 sounds perfect.
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        Re: Camera clay tiles?

        I agree with Rick and Greg. The only problem I have run into them is that due to the offsets, you might have some difficulty inspecting past the initial offset.
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          Re: Camera clay tiles?

          First off, why does he think the drain tile is collapsed?

          I have had very limited success getting a camera to go very far in clay drain tile, It either hits a bullhead tee or the line is packed with mud because none of the joints were sealed. They never use directional fittings for drain tile here. Just sections of pipe butted up to one another.

          Tried jetting to rinse the mud out and got my hose stuck good. Once the rats get in there they pull dirt in behind them to dig tunnels.

          Nasty little critters they are


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            Re: Camera clay tiles?

            He thinks the line is collapsed because I rodded it a month ago, and he got seepage under the floor. He thinks my rodder collapsed it. I am 100% confident I did not, and explained that since I rodded it a month ago, we have had 15+ inches of rain.
            The line I rodded flows fine, I tested it Saturday. There are two, five inch discharges in the crock.
            I think it is seepage. If there was a collapse, he would have a geyser in his basement, and it would flood.

            Oh yeah, I used a arrowhead bit on the 1500.


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              Re: Camera clay tiles?

              Is this unhubbed clay drain tile? The stuff that was installed in two foot sections throughout the area back in the building boom of the fifties?


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                Re: Camera clay tiles?

                I think the house was built in the 70's.