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Why makita battery

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  • Why makita battery

    For the cordless plumbing tools(k40, compact seesnake) I noticed that makita batteries are used rather than ridgid batteries. Why is this? Is this a testament to makita batteries or self awareness of the problems of the ridgid battery?
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    Re: Why makita battery

    I think the Makitas because they are just more available and more common to be on sale and I suspect they are just plain the same battery not better not worse just not labled Ridgid.
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      Re: Why makita battery

      ben i think that the makita was the battery of choice when the tools were first designed. ridgid didn't have a large line of cordless choices back then.

      even my propress 100 and 320 are makita batteries. the new 330 is a lithium ion battery. not sure if it's a ridgid design or a third party.

      a dewalt or milwaukee battery would be a little strange for the tools.

      phoebe it is