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Seesnake aint that great!

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    Re: Seesnake aint that great!

    Originally posted by riveroil View Post


    If the Flexmitter will no longer emit a signal, and you are positive that it is being activated on the monitor, it will need to be replaced. You can make arrangements to send the Flexmitter to our Factory Service Center and we can replace it with a new one for about half the price of ordering a new Flexmitter from your dealer. This is contingent upon the Flexmitter not being cut or severed in any way.

    The Ridge Tool Co
    Technical Service Dept.

    I thought this was a pretty good deal, considering it isn't cut or severed in anyway.
    As I use my system every day doing work for the local council and was wanting a quick turn around I replied....;

    Thanks , I live in New Zealand, I purchased and imported my SeeSnake from an dealer in the US, My question is: will I need to send the Flexmitter to your US Factory or do you have an agent in NZ that I can do the swap with,

    thanks again Mike.
    mike i had the same problem about 5 years ago on an original flexmitter that they no longer make. they upgraded me to the current design and i was billed 1/2 price. approx. $270 usd.

    by the way, this is how i discovered the ridgid forum when i went to research the part.

    so if the transmitter never broke, i probably would have never found this site.

    i would have never met josh, mark, adam, charlie, bill, greg, aaron, ben, robert, and the rest of the ridgid rat pack.
    there would be no k-60 debate and the allclear would have nothing to debate.

    so you see, sometimes when things break, it's a good thing

    p.s. i have an extra flexmitter for the mini and full size seesnake.

    i've been wanting to go back to new zealand and spend some more time and thrills in queenstown

    mike, i'll hand deliver the transmitter, send me a plane ticket

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Seesnake aint that great!

      Tech Services have now responded, they are working on a resolution. I will try posting a photo Rick, maybe this ones the original, I must say I have been very pleased with the quality and reliability of my Ridgid system. thanks again guy's. Mike


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        Re: Seesnake aint that great!

        it should be the new style as the old style is long gone.

        the new one has 2 antennas poking out from the body.

        the old ones were just a sealed pill body.

        if you're not sure, i fly there myself for a real peak

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Seesnake aint that great!

          gday why dont you buy sewer machine of ebay