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I just sold a seesnake!

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  • I just sold a seesnake!

    My building super is looking for a leak in one of the apartments and has cut a few holes in the ceiling beneath me. I did leak inspection/detection for a while for Andersen windows so I have a good feel for these things, and even though I showed him that you can hear a drip coming from the apartment above me, he still seems to think it must be coming from our place.

    Anyway, he asked me if I knew of a "scope" to look in walls and where to get one. Well here I am, sitting on the good ol' Ridgid forum and I says to him, I says "sure do!"

    I click on the seesnake add, find it at a local HD and surprise him with the under $200 price tag. He went to get one.

    He is an electrician too, so he is excited at the prospects the tool holds. I guess we are lucky to be tool fans, (I even knew the reach of the tool and some other specs and I have no need now or in the foreseeable future for one) it would truly suck to not know what is available to make your job easier. Last year I let him use my impact driver and it was a new tool to him too. It sure must make work seem a lot more "worky" to not enjoy good tools while you do it.

    A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.

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    Re: I just sold a seesnake!

    wait till the micro explorer comes out----this thing makes the ssmicro look like a childs toy---do a search for ridgid micro explorer--if you like the micross, you WILL want the micro explorer--its amazing