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Micro SeeSnake through W/C??

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  • Micro SeeSnake through W/C??

    Is it possible to get the micro seesnake past a water closet trap and all the way to the flange? Just curious. Once you have a bend going up, I think it's nearly impossible to rotate it and have it start going down.

    I can easily get it through the p-trap and toward the top of the trap, but can't make it go down. - The Trusted Online Community For Homeowners and Contractors.

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    Re: Micro SeeSnake through W/C??

    I've done this once, never been able to repeat. Suspect I just got a forgiving toilet that time. I try from time to time when I have a toilet I'd like to see the bottom of and it's a slow day, but other than the one time have always ended up pulling the toilet off. The time I was successful, I'd tied a string to the head of the camera and pulled it back to bend the head down once up thru the trap.
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      Re: Micro SeeSnake through W/C??

      Pushing it through is easy, getting it back is harder. I use the smaller extention to get through along with another gadget but I honestly haven't found this skill to be very useful. Using a closet auger imo accomplishes the same thing but you're not seeing the problem, you're feeling them. I thought I could inspect the wax ring but you can't even see the wax ring because the horn extends down past it.
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        Re: Micro SeeSnake through W/C??

        Did you try flushing it? Maybe with an extension on it? Just a thought, or will the toilet not flush? Guess it depends on what you need to see.


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          Re: Micro SeeSnake through W/C??

          But I have found a use for seesnake micro with toilets, when you remove the toilet turn it upside down and run the camera in I have found drinking straws that where unaffected by using a toilet auger before. I was on a call back and I hate callbacks.With out the camera I would have just put it back on and when enough toilet paper went thru they would have called me again.
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            Re: Micro SeeSnake through W/C??

            Look what I found in a toilet with my SeeSnake Micro

            The dreaded blue screen of death

            Oh well, it's paid for itself a dozen times over in sale conversions

            So, who do I talk to about getting a replacement imager head?

            Thinking about splurging for the 9mm head. I need less field of view and better closeups. Is that what I get with the 9mm head?

            I see Ridgid has a new version Micro SeeSnake on the market now. Model 31118. This has a 3' RCA cable output. Can I just plug that into my laptop to store images or video? I need more info on this model

            Don't worry Ridgid. This head breakage incident won't remove the Explorer from the top of my Christmas list
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