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SeeSnake micro uses - list yours

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    Re: SeeSnake micro uses - list yours

    [quote=plumberjr;193546]sounds like flushy is being cheap and wont buy the 9mm head---i got it through a toilet trap with no break-----my explorer is awesome

    --showed customer leak in water heater flue
    --it helped ground my 9 yr old for stuffing candy wrappers in ductwork
    --takes lots of job pics , which means i dont need camera
    --takes great video to show it works when i leave
    --great for tracing pipe in walls
    --and ceilings
    --fit in toilet trap to show lady why not to use hanging bowl cleansers
    --helps everyone feel jealous that ive had the color explorer for awhile
    --found breaks in storm sewers for me
    --dont have time to keep going, but can later[/quote

    So your saying with a 9mm head you can get through most toilet traps? Let me know and I'll get one . seems like one would need a spring from the head to cable to get around that top sharp angle at the top of most toilet traps. Anybody else know what I mean


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      Re: SeeSnake micro uses - list yours

      Just opened the gifts, whooo hoooo... a see snake micro. I'll let you all know how it goes. I'm going to use it in the garage. I drop so many nut, bolts and sockets. They almost always land on top of the block or transmission...

      Anyway, Merry Christmas....