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Cheap camera for lite use

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    Re: Cheap camera for lite use

    Originally posted by Ace Sewer View Post
    or anything where quality of steel matters
    I have to disagree about harbor freight. I dont buy anything that I have to rely on from them but they are great for alot of things. I bought my current framing gun from them after my bostitch got stolen. I have had to have it swapped out twice but it doesnt bother me becuase I dont use it every day and it was about 1/4 of the price of a similar one from home depot. I bought a plazma cutter from there and got the warranty. I dont make a living with the plasma and use it maybe once every few months. I paid about 700 and if I had bought a similar one in a name brand it would have been 2300. My air compressors, my spray gun (automotive), my airless sprayer (construction) and most of my other stuff is good name brand stuff. My hand tools are all craftsman, with the exception of a few specialty automotive tools that I may use once every few years. Harbor freight has its place.