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    Re: Renting Cameras

    Originally posted by Flux View Post
    I didn't realize Ferguson's rents out sewer cams.
    I didn't think they did either so I asked about it.

    Guess what?...the camera at this Ferguson Express goes out just about every day Mostly to homeowners

    It's an old B&W full size SeeSnake that's hard to break. Not a more delicate Compact or MicroReel


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      Re: Renting Cameras

      There was no option to rent for me. AJ Coleman was 3 hours away. We have a bunch of plumbers that use us just for video stuff. One of them has been in busness for 90 years and their payroll for one day is more than a see snake. Its not they cant afford it. It cheaper to use me than it is own the thing for the volume of video work they do. It I had to pay cash for new vac trucks I would have old junk. A well thought out loan isnt the end of the world.


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        how about "rationalize and priorities"

        there are a lot of things that i can't "afford" because i have different priorities and can't rationalize the purchases. if i can't pay for a tool in 6 months or less, with half of the ticket prices from jobs. well i don't buy it. i have not had one customer this year that would pay for a video, i know i asked. breid.............


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          Re: Renting Cameras

          For what it's worth, we rent camera's to plumbers. $80 for 4 hours/$120 for the day. It's out twice a week. Plumbers who have different priorities love it. After 6 months we sell it less 20% and replace it with a new one. Only one has come back damaged as a result of not conducting the 5 min training before he picked it up.

          Their only other option is to hire in another drain company to do it for them..... $220. They don't want another plumber inside their clients home. Some save up 2-3 jobs, hire the camera for $80 and return it. Whose the smart one now?
          Regards, Bill

          The definition of Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result."
          Albert Einstein