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Locatating drain lines under concrete slab

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  • Locatating drain lines under concrete slab

    West Coast Guys, in particular. Old [ 1938] S.f. walk out basement renovation. Need to
    locate all the C.I. 4" SLAB AT BEST.Will pull toilet Myself. 1 run 30' from stack plug.
    1- 40' run from closet bend. 1-20' run from open pipe. Been years since I've had this done.
    Any ballpark on the approx. cost? Thank's in advance
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Re: Locatating drain lines under concrete slab

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      Re: Locatating drain lines under concrete slab

      Some of what you need won't be known until you find out what is already there under the floor. You'll need to run a new vent for the shower, but it can join with that from the toilet and sink at a minimum of 42" above the floor. The drain for the shower needs to be 2", and depending on where you live may dictate the size of the remaining drain pipe (i.e., you may have to convert to 3" or even 4" to meet local codes for pipes underneath a slab).

      Unless the slab is a post-tensioned one (embedded cables that are under tension), there aren't that many rules on the best way to tear it apart. Scoring the slab and then cracking it up works. A deeper cut with a concrete saw is cleaner. You need to ensure the concrete you replace bonds with the existing slab, so you probably want to drill some holes for rebar dowel pins, and you can paint the edges with a slurry of concrete or mortar to help adhesion when pouring new concrete back in the hole.

      The height of the drain depends on the type of drain used. You may want to look into Kerdi from A neat way to build a shower.
      Builders South London