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    Re: Mr. Rooter...the hero

    I do work at a motel that calls me for jewelry down the lav drain. they are pedistal lavs so a pain to get the trap off. I found one earing on the floor and I've pulled 2 of what appeared to be cheep earings out of the traps. All calls were on the weekend. I explained to the owner she may be paying me way more then the stuff was worth. Now she explains the cost to the customer and I haven't been called back for jewelry again. It seemed like she was getting ripped off to save dollar store earings


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      Re: Mr. Rooter...the hero

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      hey, wait a second, i was "lord of the ring"

      i was robbed. i only charged a few hundred dollars. no tip

      read all about it.

      watch the video

      Don't worry Rick, you will always be our hero in your mind!
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        Re: Mr. Rooter...the hero

        Originally posted by DELCASE View Post
        If Mr Rooter had to dig down125 ft in the bathroom, he is real fast..

        At least Rick does have a video.

        I found a few rings over the years, my last ring job the lady new it went in the toilet,, i ended up going in the man hole in the alley with my cable up to the clout by the house and tied a rag onto my cable head [dont got no fancy camera] and pulled it back into the manhole
        No ring I felt if it was their i would have got it.
        Went back in the bathroom and found it behind the vanity toekick
        dont remember the cost less than 200$ and did get 100$ tip
        I ahve done the same thing, other plumbers had been on job and reffered me to take over. I walked in and asked 20 questions as ususal. Next i bent over and picked the ring up and said is this it..........they fell over!!