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67327 Mini Replacement Cable has Changed!

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  • 67327 Mini Replacement Cable has Changed!

    Ordered a new 200 Mini cable to replace my current one - it's now down to 180' via reterms and my spare old "black" cable is getting flaky due to
    water in the conductors.

    Right away, I could see it was different. Only one safety cable (the stainless braided cable with the round ends) instead of two, and the cable itself is thicker.

    OK, I can live with that.

    What I could NOT live with was that the "ball" end of the safety cable no longer fits into the "Conn. Split Insert" ring inside the camera locking sleeve (#5 on the attached exploded diagram). It is almost twice the size of the old ball end. No way it would fit inside the camera locking sleeve even if the "Conn. Split Insert" were changed to allow it.

    I had to cut the ball off and just use the ferrule part below the ball as a "retainer" on the end of the cable. I pulled HARD on this with a pair of pliers - it seems pretty secure so I guess I am OK for now.

    Another way to get around this would be to get a small crimp fitting and cut last 2"" or so of the "old" smaller ball cable off and crimp it to the new cable after cutting the new ball off.

    My question is this:

    Are we "old camera" guys being abandoned? Are the new 67327's only coming with the single cable apparently designed for the larger diameter color head (which would accomodate the larger ball & "Conn. Split Insert")?

    This does not make me very happy...there is NOTHING wrong with my old cameras and they should NOT become non-supported by Ridgid.
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