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  • Micro Mini Seasnake

    I don't feel comfortable pushing that micro past the top of a trap in a toilet.

    Am I right in this thinking? It just does not feel right at all, and I'm almost positive I'm going to break it when pushing past that hard turn down, let alone the return of bringing it back.

    Am I right on this? I'm using this camera a lot lately and it's going over well with my customer base because so many don't have one.

    Josh on that setup you showed me down at the pumper show...

    What's that cable like when you've went through a toilet trap and your 12-23.....possibly 30' out with that cable?

    That absolutely has to be very hard to push/retrieve when it is out that far.

    I'm speaking solely from what I was trained in drain cleaning; avoid running a cable through a trap because it robs the cable of so much torque at the end.

    In reference to the camera....I can see it instantly hitting 3 points/turns of direction that's going to be tough pushing the further you go out.
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    Re: Micro Mini Seasnake

    We have pushed it all the way out after a toilet trap. It all depends on what materials you are talking about. Thats the tough part about this product is trying to get a sense for what all it can do. One thing I do know is the pushing technique is different than our other cables.

    Ill try to post more videos as we get closer to it launching