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Going with the 200' color Mini

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  • Going with the 200' color Mini

    Hey Everyone, new to the board here - So let me just start with a Shout Out to you guys! I've read some great advice here.
    So anyway after reading most of the threads on the seesnakes and thinking about all the variables,: price differences, amount of use, location etc. The WINNER is... the mini. 200’ color. For a while I was trying to persuade myself to go with the compact, but it seems to me if you run up against a situation where the push rod on the compact for whatever reason can’t make the distance, then what? I know what I would be doing- Sitting there wondering - "why the .... [ fill in your own expletive] did I spend thousands of dollars for this.'
    Anyway that my 2 cents.

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    Re: Going with the 200' color Mini

    You are right why pay for push cable you can't actually use? We need to know what size pipe you are doing to give you best advice. But even if we give the best advice I find people actually buy what they can afford and deal with it later. When I try to tell others to buy bigger it is only because I bought too small and had to buy bigger later and cost myself more in the long run.
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      Re: Going with the 200' color Mini

      Welcome to the site and I am sure you will be happy with the mini.

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        Re: Going with the 200' color Mini

        hi plumberdave

        glad to see another local on the forum.

        you'll love the mini and plan on getting a scout, navitrack, or sr20 locater.

        personally i use the scout and i have the sr20 as a back up.

        what video / dvd recorder are you planning on going with?

        welcome the the forum and buckle up for the ride

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Going with the 200' color Mini

          Hi Dave

          We have been very happy with the features of the Ridgid Mini Camera. We had one large Seesnake but our guys would avoid having it on their trucks becasue of the size and the limitations in small diameter pipes and trap bends. We now have a mini B&W on most trucks and a couple of mini colours. The compact was just too compact.

          Ridgid Australia have decided to stop bringing the B&W mini camera into the country. We prefer the B&W because of it's clear picture contrast and we save $3,000 compared to the colour. We bought the last 3 in the country for our own stock.

          We also run the Scout locaters in each truck. They too are small and easy to store. The first locater Ridgid/Seesnake bought out was called the Pointer. The new technology is so much easier to use!

          If we can't get our mini camera the distance required, we 'strap-on' a Root Ranger nozzle. Make sure you lock the nozzle in behind the back of the spring with lots of duct tape. Ours came loose twice and we found the saphire crystal lens seal is no match for the powerful water jet. The lens goes all foggy and you can't dry it out! Bugger!!

          Regards, Bill

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            Re: Going with the 200' color Mini

            Thanks to the generousity of a forum member()I'm able to appreciate the incredible time saving qualities of the Seesnake Mini and Navitrac 2 combination.

            The ease and accuracy "out of the box" is a major confidence builder.
            Thanks Utah

            The three scenarios I've used them on have proven to be a major time saver.
            Especialy do to the fact that I have enough time on my hands to where I'm the one digging down 4'-3" to do a tie in.
            How many times have we found ourselves hopelessly prodding around for what seems like hours down in a hole.
            It's a huge relief to be able to go straight down without the unknown exploritory variable bugging me.


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              Re: Going with the 200' color Mini

              I get a kick out of after locating with the scout sending the probe down and hearing that distinctive CLINK! when it hits the pipe with only one try, at the depth indicated Very cool when the customer is standing right there watching.



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                Re: Going with the 200' color Mini

                I like my scout also, just wish it didn't look like the "Fisher Price" label was missing. It kinda looks like a toy....a very expensive toy
                The Other Rick