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    Re: Explorer Use

    I was thinking the water heater was made by U.S. Craftsmaster. Should have taken a pic of the sticker at the bottom. I DO remember that it comes out of Johnson City, Tennessee.

    The gas valve is made by RobertShaw.

    I've ran into a much higher % A.O. Smith & Whirlpool gas heaters being problematic or finicky.



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      Re: Explorer Use

      american water heater company use to be here locally in santa monica calif. 15 years ago. then the aqmd/ air quality management district ran them out.

      at the time they were 24/7 making 3000 heaters a day from my memory. as an apprentice we had a field trip there.

      i let the packing guy have it when i spotted him hammering in the plastic shipping plugs. the plastic would get caught up in the threads and flakes would end up in the tanks. eventually ending up in the valves faucets, showers, dishwashers, laundry machines.

      you can thank me for putting an end to that practice

      as far as the robertshaw valve goes, most are made in mexico. they make them by the tens of thousands and when they screw up, it's big time.

      same with defective thermocouples.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Explorer Use

        I just had a 4 year old Whirlpool Water Heater last week that suffered from the same curse as all Craftmasters...

        Called Whirpool customer service and was promptly patched through to India

        Customer service informed me that I would need to go to Lowes and get the retrofit kit (Lowes is 2 hours away)...

        Lucky I have a source for the Craftmaster retrofit kit here in town.

        Craftmaster is the worst no matter what name it has on the outside...