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External Dvd Recorder

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  • External Dvd Recorder

    Has anyone opted for a non ridgid dvd recorder? I've heard it can be used, but I don't know anyone who has actually done it. I have a few questions. Are there any other cables required other than your standard RCA? Also, how can you tell if your recording is working? Also, can you view the dvd on the monitor? How do you do that?


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    Re: External Dvd Recorder

    Have you found anything that helps by using this forum's search engine.


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      Re: External Dvd Recorder

      Buy American

      Spring for the Ridgid


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        Re: External Dvd Recorder

        i'm using the Sony VRD MC5

        great macine no problems yet. using for about 6 months. don't record every video push

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          Re: External Dvd Recorder

          I use sony dvddirect.

          This thread has what you need.

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            Re: External Dvd Recorder

            I'm using a Vosonic VP8860.
            It is battery powered and is a bit bigger than a cell phone.
            It records from the camera to a hard drive that you can view whilst on the job to check it out.
            It records in Mp 4 and easily downloads on to my computer.
            Sometimes I just pull frames out and send the bad bits with an email as a jpeg image.
            Works well for me.



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              Re: External Dvd Recorder

              I just ordered the Archos 5 with DVR base form to use as a monitor recorder. I'm using it with the Seesnake compact. I plan to also get a Seesnake Plus.

              I'm wondering if it wouldn't be possible to use the Archos without the Ridgid monitor and somehow be able to control the camera, maybe build a small control board for that purpose. The black and white monitor on my compact setup sucks. It's very hard to see. I think the larger camera reels are going to have some connections that the compact doesn't appear to have so I would want to be able to control the functions of the larger reels too. It appears the only thing going into the camera cable for the compact is a neutral, a 12v, and the video cable. Does the larger reels have more inputs that that?


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                Re: External Dvd Recorder

                I still think an iterface for a laptop would be the best way to go.


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                  Re: External Dvd Recorder

                  The Ridgid people have made some great changes for a new portable system.


                  BUT. It is only a matter of time before plumbers and others override what seem to be expensive monitor systems and have universal-reliable systems to do the operations of current factory monitor designs.