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Looking to add a Camera in the future..

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  • Looking to add a Camera in the future..

    I'd like to add a camera with locator beacon in the future. My question is will my Spartan locator pick up anyones beacon. For reference, my main occupation is septic pumping, but I'm heading in the service and small repair. At this point in time I don't clean any drains in the building. Any thing from the cleanout away from the house, including drainfields.

    I'd also like to get an idea of what camera time earns people on average. I don't know if that's allowed here or not.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Re: Looking to add a Camera in the future..

    the standard frequency for sewer cameras is 512 hz. this penetrates cast iron, clay, and plastic, excellent. it doesn't do ductile or steel pipe very well.

    as far as pricing. there are guys that do inspections for no charge, but seem to find more problems than the guys that charge for their camera, and locator.

    i charge and i give an honest opinion with no strings attached.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Looking to add a Camera in the future..

      Thanks for the response Rick.

      So I should be able to use my locator with any camera. That's good news. I didn't want to be limited to only Spartan although I do like the hard drive recorder vs. DVD.

      Is there any other camera that uses the hard drive?


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        Re: Looking to add a Camera in the future..

        I bought a Vivax a while ago. It uses a hard drive. Plus for the hard drive is you have a copy archived automatically. Minus is no way to burn a copy on site for customer. For me an ideal system would do both, but if you have a laptop that will burn a disk on site it covers that; just another step and something else to break. Another option I've been using is a cheap digital camcorder with external vid inputs. I've got an Aiptek, $170 from Wal-mart, that I use with my vhs Ridgid controllers. Burns to a flash memory card, upload via usb cable, and is also a digital camera.

        Vivax more or less ok compared to Ridgid color mini (my other systems), but I can do more with the Ridgid mini than I can with the Vivax, mostly as the Ridgid pushrod is better.

        All things considered, If I had it to do over again I'd put the money I spent on the Vivax towards another Ridgid. Mostly as Ridgid's new controllers are now out, and for compatability with my other systems.

        Vivax sonde works with both the Ridgid and General locators I have.
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