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Seektech SR60- How good is the display

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  • Seektech SR60- How good is the display

    Came across the Seektech SR60 a few days ago and am pretty impressed with the display, but keen to hear what the End Users think about it.

    We are a small Drilling company and intend using the SR60 to locate utilities prior to drilling and also to keep an eye on our drill head as it progresses alongside what ever utilities are in the vacinity.

    If we have a narrow corridor of Power on one side and Telcom on the other with our steel drill pipes in the middle.... all within 3ft, would all three items show up as continuous lines on the SR 60 screen. Would the depth indication for each line "Read" as the Locator was moved and directly above each item?

    We would expect to use our old RD 400 Geni on the Drill to light it up, but would we need anything else on the power and telcom.

    Thanks for any input ....

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    Re: Seektech SR60- How good is the display

    When using the Omni-Seek passive mode, the depth will be shown for the line with the strongest signal. So it will depend on the relative signal strength on each line. If you were to use separate transmitters set to different frequencies on the power and telecom lines, you should be able to clearly see the depth for each line by changing frequency settings on the locator.