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Cresent Wrench w/reversable jaw ...

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  • Cresent Wrench w/reversable jaw ...

    My father-in-law does gas work and picked up an 8 or 10" cresent wrench at a whole-salers years back with a reversable jaw. The wrench is basically standard, other than the jaw can be taken out completely, turned around and put in the other way. The asset is that when reversed it sports a jagged jaw perfect for small (1/2" or 3/4") black iron pipe work or general tight places. I prefer it over a 10" pipe wrench but haven't been able to find a quality one. Home Depot offered a 10-12 dollar version but it is quickly proving not to be holding up like a bigger name brand would.

    Anyone know where you can buy one through the net from a reliable site?

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    Re: Cresent Wrench w/reversable jaw ...

    Try the Bahco adjustable wrench it's made by Snap-on the jaw reverses just like you describe. I picked mine up at one of the wholesalers here in Ottawa.