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  • New Toys!

    My company is adding underground utility detection to compliment our survey department, You know what they say hard times call for diversification!!!

    Anyway, my aresnal is going to include (I hope):
    SR-60 based upon Mark's and other's recomendation
    See Snake, thinking See Snake Plus, DVD recorder (need help deciding which one)
    GPR (Know nothing about this one)

    Mostly will be locating large pipes as in greater than 8", any recomendations on the See Snake, (Mostly used to check out sanitary Sewer lines (8") for lateral locations)

    Anybody know anything about GPR, My bosses just told me that they want the best. In the next day or so I hope to be conacting Ridgid for a Demo of locators and see snakes

    PS is there anything else that I am missing here? Would I need a Snake and Sonde? or a pushrod and sonde?
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    Re: New Toys!

    rich, honestly on 8'' and larger pipe. i would look into a tractor unit. the seesnake is great for 6'' and smaller, but with larger pipe, you lose the push and the lighting. along with the pan, tilt, zoom.

    talk to jake as i think he now owns a tractor unit.

    if all you want is locates, then a good fiberglass rod will work wonders.

    the camera is a great feature, but a rod and sonde is much cheaper just for locates.

    more details will be great.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: New Toys!

      Originally posted by wrench spinner View Post

      Anyway, my aresnal is going to include (I hope):
      Maybe one day you will get an arsenal with spell check!
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        Re: New Toys!

        Rich does this mean you guys aren't going to call any more Glad to see you guys are growing. If you hire someone enough to do something why not do it yourself. Look at their catalog has some info on locators, GPR as well. I might have something in the office I will look. We will be glad to still do your crawler camera work if the boss doesn't want to go for one.


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          Re: New Toys!

          GPR is great, but unless you devote much of your time to learning and continued use, it is not the best tool for the job. each manufacturer of GPR has different aspects that make them either good for quality or ease of use, but not really both at the same time. If this will not be your main job "GPR only" I would stick with other locators. The fiberglass rod will work fine for 8" or larger like was said earlier