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SeeSnake don't see anymore.

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  • SeeSnake don't see anymore.

    Seems my SeeSnake Micro has some how gone blind.
    Used only a few times just fine, and just the other day this is the only thing that I see. Seems like it's ghosted into the screen, as a faint image when unit is off as well!
    Anyone else with same prob? What happed here? Never been dropped or wet!

    I did't send in the warenty registration yet but unit is only 2 months old have receipt..
    In Canada so who do I get it repaired by?
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    Re: SeeSnake don't see anymore.

    looks like the lcd got a crack in it or just went bad


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      Re: SeeSnake don't see anymore.

      Mostly curious if this has happened to others and if there is a quick fix. (Thinking loose connection) Looks simple to remove LCD 4 screws BUT I'M NOT GONNA GO THERE!!
      I'll call Ridgid on Mon and find out where they want me to send it!
      Then Wait.