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  • SDL36 Locator

    Just thought I'd post a pic of my Pop's SDL36 Locator.

    For the safety boys-We know about fiberglass ones and rubber grips. Glass won't get it done. Been there. Rubber grips may be a good addition.

    Might be pushing his luck after 30+ years.

    Anyway, used to locate this the other day. This is a private sewer system. That clogged pipe is NOT clogged with roots. Just years of sifting at joints and/or biomat clogging.

    Funny how many ways we've seen this done. This system is short concrete pipe sections and the line aggregate is coal cinders.

    Pic 3 is the "locator". Can usually find lines less than 36" before you can get the sonde off the truck.

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    Re: SDL36 Locator

    I keep one on my truck as well:-)

    They are great to find where the sewer line exits older homes that don't have cleanouts... Gotta be careful with them.



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      Re: SDL36 Locator

      i made up a water probe version that wil penetrae the hardest soil. i also use it for prepping the trenchless pipe pulls.

      originally i designed mine for high pressure water/ 3000#, but a simple nozzle change will work fine at 60#.

      phoebe it is