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    Re: Flatpack/mini reel

    Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
    Very interesting, why buy a dvd pack for 1k+ when the sony recorder does the same (or almost) for 150? You do understand that you, as one person, cannot pull Emerson out of the recession?
    i don't know about pulling them out of a recession, but i do know i keep plenty of them working

    ben, i already own a sony dvd direct. have for a few years.

    the ridgid unit is a complete package with all the bells and whistles. don't worry, i only have 1 on order. but then again i might want a back up for my back ups

    see you in a few weeks

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Flatpack/mini reel

      Originally posted by ozplumb View Post
      ok here goes.
      Mostly all our pipes are measured ID.

      Our copper would suit yours exactly.

      Our normal lumber size for housing frames is 90/35mm exactly which isnt far off yours.

      Our DWV drain/waste/vent pipe (pvc) is
      40mm=1 1/2"/50mm=2"/65mm=just over 2 1/2"
      80mm=3 1/4"/100mm=3 15/16"/150mm=5 7/8'' and so on.

      Excuse my metric way of explaining the imperial.( in the last two)

      There is one thing that shouldnt change and thats the measurement of speed. Mph is easier for me for my love of motorsport had me understanding mph long before I could drive.
      Short story my brother was driving an early model datsun/nissan along the freewayhighway with my dad in the passenger seat and me in the back.
      My brother was whitenuckled wondering why everyone else on the road was going so slow!!!
      You guessed it my brother was well over 110mph before dad could calmly tell him that the guage was not klmph.
      Imperial folk nearly killed us all

      If your visiting Australia in November well have to catch up!!
      Let me know oz
      Sorry edited and edited without rewording some. The time difference is hard too. These late nights arent easy


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        Re: Flatpack/mini reel

        Originally Posted by PLUMBER RICK
        simon, haven't you ever heard of dennis conner

        san francisco is a 5-6 hour drive. toolaholic is very close to s.f.

        can't you just sail south a few hundred miles

        a couple wrong tacks? will get you off track

        keep us informed and maybe joey and i will buzz you on a jet ski

        why not san diego

        Yes the Australia 11 beat him in 1983 and took the America's cup from the New York Yacht Club who kept changing the rules for 132 years so challengers couldn't win.


        I actually have met Dennis a couple of times but have not seen him for about four years.
        I saw John Bertrand just before christmas, I think from memory he beat Dennis but I could stand corrected.