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Plastic Water Line.....Again

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  • Plastic Water Line.....Again

    It's been discussed many times about locating plastic water lines. Fish tapes have been suggested many times to work.

    Made me think of probably a dumb question to locating pros:

    For a plastic water line that converts to metal on both ends. (Example: Building stubout-plastic supply-water meter.)

    Could you connect clips at both ends and get a trace on the live water line?

    Connect to the building stub and then run an insulated wire "extension" to the meter.

    Would that create any completed circuit through the mineral content of the water in the live line?



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    Re: Plastic Water Line.....Again

    Nope. Never worked for me. I have ran into a few areas where they ran a plastic service from the b-box up to the house then went to copper. I use ultrasonic locater while running water through the line and detect the sound of flowing water though the pipe. I come with in 6" most of the times.
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