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Time to get a locator.

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  • Time to get a locator.


    I've been reading here for awhile and finally decided to register so I can get some advice on what kind of locator to get. The Sr-60 looks very nice and I'm leaning that way, but I'd like to get some advice from some folks that have used that or similar equipment and also any accessories that I would need. Keep in mind the following:
    1) I do a lot of electrical work and only a little plumbing. In the last couple of years I've been doing more utility power and telco pulls on rural private property. Hence the need to add a locator to the tool collection.
    2) I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains and almost all my work is there. It's rare that I do urban jobs but want a tool that offers that capability of course.
    3) I'm not afraid to make the investment as long as I know I'm buying quality that will last (kind of like my ridgid 600 and 700 stuff).
    4) I want to be able to tell where everything is and independently verify utility or telco markers.

    So what should I get? How much can I expect to pay? What do you like and why? Any advice would be really helpful. My budget is about $3k and I'll be borrowing a little of that so need something that'll pay for itself.


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    Re: Time to get a locator.

    I have just done the research myself and I can say with confidence that the SR-60 is the way to go!! you will be able to pick up most if not all wires in passive mode which means you dont need a seperate transmitter. Call Colonial Tool or go to their website, the talk to Steve Woodchuck, you should be able to pick up the SR-60 for about $2500 IIRC


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      Re: Time to get a locator.

      The SR60 will serve you well. Check with the guys at Alan Coleman Supply 773-728-2400 Speak with Shane or Marv They are very knowledgable about the full Ridgid line as well as others. They usually have the best price.


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        Re: Time to get a locator.

        The transmitter was one of my major questions (on whether or not to buy). My instinct to go overkill has almost never left me in the lurch and I was thinking of a 10 Watt. I noticed the SR-60 doesn't come standard with one. So I guess my question is if anybody ever laid out the cash for one and then never used it and thought "what a waste of beer money!". Conversely, has anybody got one and went "this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and makes my profit so much better I invested in a brewery!" Thoughts?


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          Re: Time to get a locator.

          We use the ST 510 transmitter it is a lot to use and difficult if you are not familar with it. If you are going to be using the locator for 60Hz most of the time and need to use a transmitter once in a while go with the ST 305. Its much easier to use and costs less.


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            Re: Time to get a locator.

            Check on the specs here..

            You can also follow the link for the recent discussions on that page...
            Click on the second icon above the image of the SR-60 to find the nearest RIDGID distributors in your area..

            In RIDGID,consider your problems SOLVED....

            Good Luck...


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              Re: Time to get a locator.

              Looks like the SR-60 is going to be the ticket. Gotta wait a month or so to pay cash for it. I'm going to wait on the transmitter for now. I talked to a lot of folks who were all really helpful and the 60 will probably be half the solution with the ST-510 or the ST-33Q being the other half. Thanks for the input folks!


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                Got My Locator!

                In the end the budget won the battle. I found a great condition used SR-20 and ST-305 in case with manuals for $1700 and jumped on it. Works just fine. Been doing passive locates and works very well. Can definately see the limitations though (which is a good thing). Will be trying some different things as time permits soon to get some practice. I've offered free locates to some excavation guys I know and want to do some before and after stuff to check accuracy before I start charging for the services. Will report back and post anything interesting. Thanks for the input folks!