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  • microEXPLORER software update

    so i just purchased a microexplorer finally just 1

    when i went to register it for a free 2 gb sd card i had the option to upgrade the operating software version from 2.17 to 2.30

    so other than being able to label the photos with the new onscreen qwerty keyboard. what did the upgrade actually fix or improve

    i also put it to use today and took photos

    i'll post them tomorrow as my m.e. is in the truck and i'm done for the night

    but i will post my photos of the outside inspection and the story.

    the customer discovered a moldy area inside of their lower kitchen cabinet. in an area that is never really used. the other side of the wall is the tub/ shower. felt pretty sure it was a grout leak. but i wanted to see inside of the wall to be sure. also wanted to see the structural integrity of the wall and studs.

    so i drilled a 1.375'' hole in the drywall through the 3/8'' plywood shear-wall.

    inserted the m.e. camera and panned into the wall and cavity. discovered it was the tile flange on the tub and that the damage was worse than i suspected as the plywood shear-wall and a 2x4 stud were rotted away.

    here are the photos from my digital camera. the m.e. photos i'll post later.


    the mold in the lower cabinet and the 1.375'' hole i drilled above the shelf where i inserted the microexplore camera.

    insert hole.

    micro pictures to come.
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    Re: microEXPLORER software update

    Hey Rick,

    The software update addresses some things in the software that you probably would never notice. The only visible change you'll see is the texting function. In my opinion, I think it runs a little quicker too. It's kind of like a Windows update to improve how things are being done internally. It also eliminates a potential error from ocurring, so I would encourage you to download even if the titling function doesn't appeal to you.

    Glad to see you bought one. Looking forward to seeing some pictures!



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      Re: microEXPLORER software update

      here are the photos from the m.e. looking into the hole i drilled into the drywall and shearwall. this is looking at the tub tile flange and the rotted 2x4 stud.


      wet tile flange on tub.

      rotted 2x4 to the left of good 2x4.

      wet dripping flange.

      jut wait till i connect the micro to the micro drain
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        Re: microEXPLORER software update

        Looks like someone has been there before. That new 2x next to the rotted one says this aint the first time this leak was patched.
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