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Archos with Cameras?

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    Re: Archos with Cameras?

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    you're right with your statement. i agree with you as i operate the same way

    unfortunately i see the majority of companies that don't supply videos are out to sell a job that is typically not needed. we get hired and paid to run a camera. running a camera for free is never free with no strings attached.

    i also do a large percentage of second opinion videos and what amazes me is that the customer never got a tape/ dvd from the first guy. even had some that got a bogus video.

    the purpose of an inspection is to properly diagnose the problem. when a customer is sold a bill of goods by a complete stranger and expects the owner to throughly understand the workings of a sewer system by watching a monitor. is like going to the dr. and getting x-rays, but not actually developing the x-rays for the patient to see or take with them.

    i always give a tape/or dvd when i finish. it's pretty much a simple task to hand them the finished product. if i need a copy for myself. i just make it as i go with another piggy back machine.

    99% of sewers don't fail overnight. there is a track record to go along with the sewer. there is no reason to rush into anything right on the spot.
    the times when i find the 1% is typically due to another utility co. damaging a perfectly good line.

    when it comes to legal cases, it's different than a standard residential video. usually reports are needed and those are not traditionally generated at the time of service.

    so i do agree a copy should be produced when finished for the residential and private sector, i also see that a more in depth report is required for the government jobs and legal work.


    Here's how it usually goes for me:

    I do the inspection, from whatever point of entry I'm using. It's hot here (especially on the roof) and the customer doesn't want to sweat their tail off watching me, but wants to be involved in what's going on. I tell them that's OK, I am recording the inspection and we will be reviewing the video inside, in the A/C, on their kitchen table (or on their 52" flat screen if they want) afterwards.

    At this point, they usually get a relieved look on their face and tell me to let them know when I am done.

    After the inspection is where the ARCHOS devices really shine - with the touch screen, you can blast past the parts where the picture is all torn up from the transmitter or the camera is buried in sludge and get right to the juicy stuff. Usually with a cold drink in your hand provided by the customer.

    I always offer to burn and mail them a free DVD after reviewing the video. I also tell them that I archive them permanently and that they can get a copy at any point down the line.

    It's been my experience that I only get about 1 in 10 folks who actually want a copy. It works for me.


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      Re: Archos with Cameras?

      i use to supply microwave popcorn with my tapes so the customer would watch them.

      i give them the tape/dvd so that they have it and i'm not responsible for it. i do keep notes and document it on my computer. on the interesting ones and ones that need work, i make a copy for myself.

      i note the basics and important stuff in my computer for future help.

      i have wasted more time watching others silent movies with no documentation or locations marked out to start a video library.

      is it some were too lazy to turn on the volume, or take notes on the box top. the best is when they're so stupid that they show the entry point of the drain and it's not even the right house

      i don't ask for much but if i'm going to watch someone elses video, i don't want a 1920's silent move without sub-titles/ notes

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Archos with Cameras?

        same as rick. all my inspections are done with audio and the chapters named accordingly with the monitor.
        I just give the owner the dvd and that way they have themselves to blame if it ( gets lost).
        I do have a customer ( plumber ) who laughed at me when i did an inspection on the drain he was going to dig up and fix. I didnt bite back but its my 4th dvd for him that he shows the landlord and gets a nice little dig up job out of and am beginning to think he is the type of guy Vance G refers to.
        Dont think ill do anymore inspections for him cause dont want to be associated with a piece of sh*t like that.
        Ill lose a regular customer but so be it.