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  • See Snake Diagnosis

    I have a see snake reel that doesnt work. I swapped one from another reel and the reel works fine. Is there any diagnostic specs for the camera and cable or does it need to be returned?

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    Re: See Snake Diagnosis

    I generally look at the system in five major components when troubleshooting:

    Camera Head
    Push Cable
    Interconnect Cable

    The first thing I do is ensure that both the master power and the monitor power switches are on, I have had this happen before. If that is Ok then I like to swap out monitors to make sure this is not the problem, it sounds like you have already done this.

    Next thing I do is to power the system up like normal and manipulate the camera and spring assembly to see if there is some sort of a connection problem. I give the system a good once over and look for any visible cracks, kinks or suspicious marks on the push cable and interconnect cord.

    You could remove the camera head and plug it directly in to the monitor to see if it is a camera head issue. Be advised that care must be taken when removing the camera head or you could cause more damage... here is a link to the operator’s manual which covers this procedure.

    Next I like to bypass the transmitter by unplugging it from the push cable and plugging the camera directly in to the push cable.

    If that is not it then I will check the interconnect cord by disconnecting it from the reel and plugging the camera directly in to it, if that checks then there is probably something wrong with the reel and at this point you need to consider getting it in to a service center.

    Hope this helps…feel free to give tech service a call at 1-800-519-3456 and they can talk you through any of these procedures and direct you to the nearest authorized service center if you choose to go that route.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: See Snake Diagnosis

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