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  • Granite Top Tablesaw R4511

    I finally upgraded from an old 1 horse delta to the 1.5 horse Ridgid. I am putting it in my 1500 sq ft shop so I have plenty of room to leave it where I set it up. My reason for going with the Ridgid is Simple. It comes with a life time warranty. Now I did research before hand and when it came down to it the new Granite top saw just seemed like one heck of a saw for the money. I have just finished setting up and can tell you that out of the box it needs plenty of adjustment. But for any of you woodworkers that a worth anything you know you have to not only adjust your tools when new but also at least every 6 months. I do it monthly and it only takes about an hour to do the whole shop.

    Back to the saw. It has some nice features and a few suprises that are both good and bad from my point of view. I like the cabinet mounted trunion assebly but it did need a little adjustment and to get to the bolts in the back was a little ackward. But I only had to make an adjustment to the trunnion assembly because I could not get the table and blade aligned by doing the table alone. But I did get it so that I am .001 inch within tolerance. pretty good to say the least. I am not to happy with the vibration when the saw is shutting down. I can balance a nickle on end from start up right until shutdown before it falls. I am going to try changing the belt to improve that but again not to big an issue.

    Saw cuts well through 2 inch maple and hickory. so I would assume oak also since oak is softer than both. I wish it came with a seperate riving knife instead of one mounted to the gaurd but I can live with that. Probably the biggest draw back is the height. It is 36.5 inches high. For those of you who do not know the standard height for a table saw is 34.5 inches. I just wish I knew before I puchased as this might have been a show stopper for me as all of my benches are set to the standard height. However it does give me a reason to build a new outfeed table so I can live with it.

    When assembling you will need both the owners manual and the parts list as the bags are listed for the parts list diagrams and the directions to put together are in the owners manual. You will also need a 12mm wrench and a 3/16 allen wrench. DO NOT know why but some of the bolts were different then the wrenches provided and listed in the tools needed section.

    All in all a very good saw for the money. I would like to here from anyone else who has had it longer and if they have any issues I should be prepared for.

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    Re: Granite Top Tablesaw R4511


    Glad you like the saw , I bet the guys and galls in the woodworking or powertools section would like to hear what you have to say as well