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How to - SR 60 and Generator

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  • How to - SR 60 and Generator

    Had the local Rep bring out a SR60 to do a demo and persuade me to part with lots of money for a shiny new SR 60. Good bloke, but not too good with the SR 60..... neither of us too knowledgable... so would appreciate a bit of help.

    We tried the unit out in a known spot ..... put the clamp on a power line coming down a pole and crossing the Road....... fantastic ..... clear as a bell ..... nice clear line on the screen ... good depth indications etc.

    Then tried the Clamp round a Phone line in a pit (that we had put in) .... nothing ..... bit of a disapointmet..... it was a sealed "Snot Box" so couldnt clamp onto individual wires. No earth stake being used at this stage just the clamp. Tried it with the box in Induction mode sitting over the line.... nothing.

    Tried placing the gene on the ground to induce a signal .... nothing

    Then tried to find a 6" Cast Iron Water Main by placing the geni at the same location..... no indication of depth on the local Plans. Placed the Geni on the ground about 7m (20ft) upline...nothing. Walked 120m along the line to the nearest Fire Hydrant and clamped on to the Cast Box..... good signal walking back .... showed the Cast Water pipe clearly at 3m (10ft) untill about 60m out the signal dissapeared. Placed the geni over the line at the spot the signal dissapeared..... nothing.

    Guess we are doing something wrong or the gear isnt 100%..... realy thought a cast pipe would light up the sky!!..... even at 10ft deep.

    Ground in the area is Gravel fill over Rock ...(Hills area) and it had been pretty wet the preceeding day, but was dry when we were trialing the unit...... any tips and tricks would be appreciated.

    How far should an induced signal in a 10ft deep 6" cast pipe be tracable.... is 60m about right..? Why disnt he phone line show up.

    One step closer to buying a SR60, but not yet convinced....

    thanks .... Martin V

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    Re: How to - SR 60 and Generator

    change the frequency on the locator and transmitter, the phone line should even light up with a passive locate, (no transmitter)


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      Re: How to - SR 60 and Generator

      In order for induction to work (with the clamp or dropping the box) the phone line needs to be grounded at both ends. This is will allow current to flowing on the line. I suspect that both ends are not grounded.

      When inducing on the cast iron line, try using a high frequency. Induction mode usually works best when using high frequencies. There may have been a gasket at the 60m mark that a low frequency will not jump, but a high frequency will.

      Were you at least seeing some air coupling when you were close to the box while in induction mode? (receiving the signal through the air and not from the line). If not, your receiver and transmitter are not on the same frequency.


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        Re: How to - SR 60 and Generator

        RDT - thanks again.

        This was a bit of a convoluted connection to a new house on the hillside. Aireal wire diagonally across the road, down the pole and drilled back across the road to the house connection. The crosover from aireal wire to standard phone takes place in a "Snot Box" (Resin filled connector Box).

        I could see the connection at the house had been completed, but have no idea if any phones inside were actually plugged in ..... would this make adifference..?

        Assuming the "No Earth" scenario, is there any other way I could get a signal into the Phone wire .....?

        What you say about the Gasket makes a lot of sense..... will try a higher frequency next time on the direct connection. Assuming we had the right frequencies in the Dropped box scenario ..... I guess it should have worked, ? is there anything else we may have missed..

        cheers ..... Martin V


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          Re: How to - SR 60 and Generator

          It shouldn’t effect the locate if the phones are not connected inside the house. The phone line is usually grounded at the junction box where the branch line connects to the house. If this is existing service, I would expect it to be grounded. You can also try to locate it passively like Wrench Spinner suggested above. Some telecom companies even put a tone on their lines and if you know the specific frequency, you can dial it in on the SR60.